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"I think it's wonderful the way the universe has it all organized down to the the last detail so our souls will never be given more than they can handle."





When I was a small child, I always had a deep questioning about life.


And throughout my younger years, many uncomfortable events led me to search for some truths. Little did I know, all these events were life lessons I had asked for, many of which leading me to a greater purpose.


To escape these events, I married at a young 18 years of age. By 20 years of age I had my first son, at 22 my second son, my daughter at 29 and my youngest son at 32.


My youngest son was born with acute Eczema, and over the years we trialled every conceivable cream, ointment and diet possible.Some of these worked to cover the symptoms, while others just lowered his immune so much that he became sick.


Nothing truly seemed to help. The eczema was head to toe and it made him extremely anxious.


My mission was to find another way to help heal him, and so I ventured into alternative therapies and healing work. This lead me on my own personal journey....



In 2004, I was tuned into practicing Pellowah Healing after I learnt about it’s very powerful energy work and the healing it can achieve.


This energy is single minded and can only be used by permission. It cannot be used in groups or earth healings, and the personal approach to healing resonated with me.


Since then, I have completed all three levels of Pellowah, and can now hold group sessions, as well as tune people in to practice the healing technique themselves.

For anyone who has a healing, there is always a shift in energy levels and a clearing of old patterns.

What I love most is that each healing is specifically for the person on the table and exactly for what they need at that time.

It has nothing to do with the facilitator and what their thoughts are, so this makes it a truly unique and special healing process for the individual.


I feel privileged to use this healing technique as part of my life’s work and I hope to assist many more people to grow into their full potential.  


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